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Challenge: Commercially build sales and engagement with Jameson Whiskey in outlet, while at the same time changing perceptions with consumers and educating regarding the brand’s relationship with film. Prove that the unpopular sampling approach conducted by a previous agency could be re-invented to be more popular with operators and not cannibalise sales.

Our Approach: Create a method of creating a perfect sample at a true ’taster’ scale, and add value with a brand experience rather than a free drink. Deliver a brand experience that credibly activated the brand’s relationship with film.

Implementation: Developed ‘Previews’, an exact mini version of the classic Jameson serves to provide tasters to consumers, overlaid with the chance to win tickets to a brand event and a promotional price to drive to purchase. We also developed a range of activations to work for different account styles and level of opportunity, including film quizzes and screenings, with the widest reaching being a photo booth that placed you and your friends on the front of Empire magazine, stretching the relationship Jameson had already developed with the UK’s leading film magazine.

Results: 50% uplift on the event activation evening, and 205 uplift in the weeks following. A change in brand perception indicated by a 30% increase in the net promoter score for the brand, and increase in brand compliance across all accounts activated.