Challenge: Bring the concept ‘Malibutique’ to life – an experience to change consumer perception of Malibu Rum & showcase its versatility & relevance for the target female consumer aged 18-30, by providing all the things women need when getting ready to go out with friends.

Our Approach: Hero Malibu by offering a range of easy-to-make summer cocktails, whilst using brand partnerships to build credibility for this updated persona.

Implementation: Malibutique, a highly visual pop-up structure toured key shopping centres, prime for the target audience. Consumers sampled Malibu cocktails & learnt how to make them at home, whilst being offered beauty treatments & style advice from partner brands.

Results: Malibutique ran for 3 years & was acclaimed as the best experiential campaign by an alcohol brand, by industry experts Cardinal Research. In its final year, 20,965 consumers were sampled over 4 events & over 1,500 beauty treatments received by target consumers.