Craft Beer Rising


Back in 2010 we saw there was a part of the market that was lagging behind the revolution in beer at the time; craft beer. Trade shows were not giving brewers the chance to sell their brands, and did not represent an equal share of voice for breweries. Similarly, consumer events were too beer-centric, with no broader appeal or experience and again, no opportunity for brands to talk directly to consumers and immerse them in their brand.


We created a new type of beer event – Craft Beer Rising. A three day festival celebrating all things beer! A multi-sensory experience with live music, hand-picked street food stalls, innovative snacks and some non-beer drinks thrown in for good measure.

With breweries manning their own stands, trade customers as well as consumers are engaged in a more authentic way, whilst expert talks & masterclasses provide beer drinkers and makers with insights into the next big thing.

We create a level playing field for all brands, regardless of scale, as all brewers get the same space and fees are based on production volumes to increase accessibility.


2018 was the 6th year of CBR and our flagship London event featured over 170 breweries and over 12,000 trade and consumer guests coming through our doors.

Creative Development / Event Production / Logistics / Strategy