Smirnoff Open to Ideas


With the changing landscape of the on-trade and the decline of traditional wet led outlets, we helped Smirnoff identify the opportunity to reinvent itself as the brand partner that would champion individuality and ally itself with independent outlets that refuse to fade into the mainstream. For this, we needed to look beyond the one-size-fits-all POS and promotions approach.


We developed a web-based platform, which allowed outlets to submit an application to receive a bespoke branding solution that celebrates their individuality, in exchange for signing pouring contracts exclusively with Smirnoff. From bespoke mural artwork to branded cocktail bars and staff parties, we work in partnership with each outlet to install creativity that was both on brand and commercially appealing.


The campaign has had a positive impact on pouring contracts with outlets increasing their orders from a dozen cases a week to over 30. The brand has experienced growth for the first time in the last 18 months and well, we think the fact the campaign is now in its 3rd year is testament to its success.

Trade Loyalty Programme Development